​Dosher Fitness

Our Muay Thai is the base for our striking program. We also integrate Boxing/Kickboxing to ensure our students have a well rounded striking/stand up abilities. This program is designed for anyone of any age, gender or fitness level. Our students range from beginner's/ first day to students who actively fight/ compete. With our Head Coach/ Professional fighter - Josh Williams, we are determined to make sure that you can not only defend yourself, but get in great shape as well !!!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the base for our grappling program. We also integrate wrestling to ensure our students have  strong and diverse grappling knowledge. This program offers everyone the knowledge and ability to defend themselves, increase  critical thinking in stressful situations and develope patience. 

24 HR Fitness Center

Muay Thai - Boxing

Youth Martial Arts

Our Youth program starts at age 5 !!! These classes are designed to develop coordination, team building skills and confidence. Not only are we a Bully proof program, but our students also have the opportunity to compete along side of our adults and become coaches for the younger classes.